Overcome Emotional Blockages That Are Stopping You From Making The Best Choices For Your Wellness.

Do you feel stuck? Have you tried to make changes but it seems no matter what you do you are too busy, too tired, or too foggy?

Together we will find what works for you. This is not a cookie cutter approach. This is a trauma-informed, well-rounded approach that puts you in charge of your wellness.

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Why You’ll Love Phoenix Holistic Wellness LLC

There has never been a better time to better yourself. Choosing a coach can be uncertain but I am here to help this process feel safe. Here are some reasons to choose my services.

  • Holistic: This is about more than food.
  • Compassionate: I will meet you with compassion and empathy.
  • Trauma-Informed: I work with your whole life; from food to social to environmental atmosphere and more.
  • Multi-Disciplines: I am educated to help you from many different aspects. We can single out an approach or utilize several.
  • Self-Discovery: This is about you. You will learn how to read your body and take charge of your life.

The moment you’ve been waiting for

Make the choice to overcome difficult emotions for your best health and wellness!

“Active Listener”

I’ve been working with Kayleen for a few months now, and she is wonderful! An active listener who wants to help you find out how you can help yourself feel better. Her knowledge of different patterns of dis-ease and habits that may be causing them is ever growing, and her own journey to health and wellness helps me feel more confident in my own progression. Working with Kayleen at Phoenix Holistic Wellness, LLC has helped me to hold myself accountable and work on getting to the root of some of the emotional reasons I am stuck or feeling unwell. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emily H.

Massage Therapist and owner of Root and Branch, LLC

St. Paul, MN

“Comfortable and Understandable”

Seeking help can be a scary, uncertain process. Kayleen takes this process and makes it comfortable and understandable. Her care to help you as a person shines through as she listens and customizes the best approach.

Josh v G.

Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

Eau Claire, WI

“Holistic Approach”

Kayleen has been a joy to work with. She is creative, intelligent, knowledgeable and intuitive plus an excellent listener. I love her holistic approach to wellness and wellbeing which is so important to me. She has helped me become even more aware of my body and offered excellent suggestions to improve my stress level and help bring me back into balance. I highly recommend her as a health and wellness coach!

Jodee S.

Master Herbalist

Afton, MN

What is Phoenix style Coaching?

At Phoenix Holistic Wellness, LLC we believe in a truly holistic style of coaching. I work with you with the end goal in mind… That goal is for you to be self-sustainable and not need a coach anymore.

We will talk about your health on every plane: physical, emotional, spiritual. We work together through what is weighing you down. I help you learn to read the cues of your own body, but also hear God’s all knowing direction in every situation. My specific approach uses authenticity, discovery of self, and listening practices to help you achieve that “best” we have talked about. My goal for every client is that you can be your own best advocate and make your own decisions for your health and wellness.

Below you will find my various services. I know you will find what you are looking for.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? To do the hard work? To combat the emotional blockages that are in the way of your BEST health? Schedule Now to schedule a free Wellness Discovery Consultation and get started.


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