I have a passion for people becoming well. I can help your patients achieve the goals you have set for them. Please contact me so we can set up a partnership.

Are you a professional in Healthcare, Fitness, Mental Health, or CAM Services? I would love to work with you!

My multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness will make me an excellent resource for you and your participants, patients, or clients. I understand that you only have so much time with the patients that you so deeply care about. Let me come alongside you by helping them achieve the goals you have set for them.

What I help my clients achieve:

Healthier eating patterns

Reduce/Deal with stressors

Discover themselves

Become their best

Do you have a patient that you would like to see live a healthier and more nutritionally balanced lifestyle? I can help.

Do you have a client that needs to understand their own inner workings? I can help.

Do you have a patient that would benefit from working through the stressors in his/her life? I can help.

Do you think your therapy patient could benefit from nutrition education? I can help.

Are you a fitness facility that has nutritional coaching and would like to see someone help your patrons with other goals? I can help.

I work alongside you in a manner that complements what you are already doing with your patient/client.

Let’s set up a partnership. Contact me to exchange information and talk about how we will work together.

Partnership ideas include:

Referring to each other’s services.


Being a team for the client’s continuity of care.

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