Phoenix Farm &Whimsy

Phoenix Farm and Whimsy exists to bring you birds, eggs, meat, and feathers from flocks that were raised in love.

We raise Muscovy ducks as well as barnyard mix chickens. Every animal is loved and raised like a pet. When it is time to part with them, it is never done lightly.


  • Fertilized hatching eggs
  • Eggs for eating
  • Live ducks for you to raise and love
  • Duck meat
  • Feathers: cleaned and ethically harvested

Eggs, Live Ducks, & Meat

  • Chicken eggs $4.00/dozen
  • Duck eggs: $4.50/half dozen, $9.00/dozen
  • Fertilized barnyard mix chickens eggs $10/dozen, as available
  • Fertilized duck eggs $18/dozen, as available

Feathers and Crafts

We also sell feathers to artisans, crafters, and sports enthusiasts.

Feathers are gathered throughout the year as birds naturally drop them. They are also saved when birds are lovingly and humanely harvested for meat.
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