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  • Authenticity, what is it, really? pt. 1

    Authenticity, what is it, really? pt. 1

    Newsletter Index: (click to jump to any of the following) Weekly Check-in, Blog, Upcoming, Introducing, Christian Corner Last week we talked about finding a partner you can check in with each week. I would highly recommend having your check-in partner read this section of the newsletter for themselves and for you. This week let’s talkContinue…

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  • Connecting Emotions to Wellness

    Connecting Emotions to Wellness

    Weekly Blog Post: Connecting Emotions to Wellness Our current society runs a fast, rat race pace. From convenience stores to fast food restaurants, from internet to race cars, we want all that we want and we want it fast. But why? Why all the rush? Why all the push? Could it be that we rushContinue…

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