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  • Burnout: Let’s Talk About It

    Burnout: Let’s Talk About It

    Let’s get super real for a minute. I have talked about this on my page a lot. I am just a few years out of a very traumatic, chronic situation. I am still tired and each day consists of carefully considering what is best for my body, mind, and soul. If I am not veryContinue…

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  • Being Authentic in a System

    Being Authentic in a System

    Newsletter Index:(click to jump to any of the following) Blog, Upcoming, Christian Corner, Comments I want to make sure I take some time to explain something that I believe very firmly and want to make sure previous writings of mine are not misunderstood.  As I have been contemplating the self and expression of self, IContinue…

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  • Authenticity: Continuing the Conversation

    Authenticity: Continuing the Conversation

    Newsletter Index: (click to jump to any of the following) Blog, Product of the Month, Introducing, Christian Corner, Comments Two weeks ago we talked about finding out the little things about yourself. This may seem slow or odd, but it is necessary when we have been taught to be authentic “replicas” of something else. SometimesContinue…

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