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  • My Health Story

    My Health Story

    My health and wellness testimony has been a long, hard road. I have had physical and emotional difficulties since I was a child. I now believe that the bulk of this has been due to early childhood trauma, or ACES. I now also know that I am Autistic and ADHD and that played a largeContinue…

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  • Nutrition and Effects on Health

    Last week we talked about what the goals are of parenting and how to raise our children in a manner that best gets to those goals.  There is so much more involved in parenting and dealing with all the emotions that come with all kinds of parenting, be it biological, foster, adoptive, special needs, etc.Continue…

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  • How Parents Emote Their Child’s Authenticity

    How Parents Emote Their Child’s Authenticity

    I have chosen to blend this post together with the Christian Corner because this topic is very important to all people. I also believe that I am able to navigate this from both perspectives, respectfully. Before our burnout post, we were talking from the perspective of the child, or person who was once a child,Continue…

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