Nutrition and Effects on Health

Last week we talked about what the goals are of parenting and how to raise our children in a manner that best gets to those goals. 

There is so much more involved in parenting and dealing with all the emotions that come with all kinds of parenting, be it biological, foster, adoptive, special needs, etc.

If you are struggling as a parent, or your child is struggling. Please reach out to me for a free Discovery Session Consult to discover how we may be a good fit for each other.

Now to change gears a bit. Let’s talk about how nutrition plays a role in emotional and physical wellbeing. We have some pretty clear science connecting these dots for us. A quick search of the National Institute for Health (NIH) or Pub Med for articles will bring a host of studies done that show these connections. 

By now we know that things need to change in our government’s recommendations for nutritional wellbeing. Much of what had been so blatantly pushed as truth really had a lot to do with the effects of WWII on our food system. Dairy and cow’s milk being pushed as the only appropriate way to get calcium is just one of many things that changed during that time, and the change was not really about our health but about the economy and selling surplus milk somehow. Despite what came about during that time and how we have been taught about dairy and calcium, there are actually studies out there that we get too much calcium from cow’s milk and it has a net negative impact on our future bone density.

This doesn’t mean dairy should be demonized, please don’t get what I am not saying. But it does mean that maybe we should really consider why we do what we do, where our information is coming from, and the origins of said theories.

It is also why I strongly disagree with blindly following along with any plan, program, doctor, coach, etc. To reiterate something I say with undying frequency, autonomy and mindfulness are important in everything we do.

Using our own intellect and body awareness is key in understanding how various foods affect our individual bodies.

In the coming weeks, I plan to talk a little bit about some proven nutritional theories and what they mean for our bodies and brains.

This is it friends! Yesterday was the first of our summer series of Maker’s Markets and Supportive Self Care Classes! We are looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

Again, the Market and class are both options that can help you with your wellness goals. At the Market, a number of our vendors are those who make their own wellness products. You will be able to meet them, buy from them, and find out how to purchase from them in the future. Some of these items and businesses use the very best ingredients for your health!

The class is designed to help us all just move past the events of the Pandemic and figure out how to reintegrate into society in a way that is healthy for our individual selves and society as a whole.

As my blog post above moves into nutritional health, I would like to just discuss that scripturally our health and wellness are very important. God spent much time focusing many of His OT laws on wellness aspects. Even the tender care that He commanded us to show to our animals and the land was ultimately about our wellbeing and longevity.

God cares about us and how we treat our bodies. This does not mean living our lives in legalism, please don’t get that out of this. Legalism is dangerous and harmful to us on every level. Legalism affects our spirits by pulling us out of alignment with our Creator. It harms us emotionally by putting us at odds with others, God, and our own consciences. Legalism harms us physically because our emotional states directly affect our physical wellbeing.

So, as we talk about the spiritual aspects of wellness, please remember we are under grace. Grace itself is something that we may dive into in coming weeks. For now, just know that God honors us caring for ourselves as His creative works of art.

Be well, my friends!

-Kayleen Soden, INhc, cbhc, wellness coach

Published by Kayleen Soden INHC, CBHC, Wellness Coach

Hello there. My name is Kayleen Soden. I am a Wellness Coach. I love all things nature! I also enjoy time with my animals, books, and family.

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