Burnout: Let’s Talk About It

Let’s get super real for a minute. I have talked about this on my page a lot. I am just a few years out of a very traumatic, chronic situation. I am still tired and each day consists of carefully considering what is best for my body, mind, and soul. If I am not very careful to do this. I burn out. This is a part of what can happen for those of us that have endured long term trauma/traumatic situations/events. And this post-COVID society we are in, MANY people are in the same boat.

So, what is this? And how do we deal with it?

This, my friends, is burnout. There are many forms of burnout. People experience Autistic burnout. There is also Caregiver burnout. We have Occupational burnout, just to name a few of the different situations in which we experience burnout.

I had to take a break from doing content because computer work burns me out faster than anything. I do this because I love you, my readers. I do this to get out a message that I think is timely and important! And I have to pace myself in every area of life to get this message to you.

This is part of my journey. I do not believe any of us has to be perfect, or have “achieved” some sort of perfection in order to share. If we waited until that point, we would possibly be dead or ineffective. To take a slight rabbit trail, I think that we can gauge our abilty to be effective by slowing down enough to see ourselves as we really are. Struggle does not make us ineffective. Imperfections do not make us ineffective. What makes us ineffective is an inability to have true self awareness and self responsiblity.

“The pace of our society has reached epic proportions.”

Back to burnout. How do we deal with burnout? We need to slow down. The pace of this society has reached epic proportions. Slowing down enables us to see ourselves, our habits, and places we could improve.

Nutrition is key in recovering from burnout. Staying hydrated and eating well renews and restores our body processes. Poor nutrition increases our symptoms of pain, fatigue, brain fog, etc. Good nutrition can assist us in rewiring the brain by giving us what we need to produce the hormones that are our brain chemicals.

Sleep. Enough sleep and quality sleep is important. And this brings me back to slowing down, being mindful, and knowing yourself. We need to sunderstand why and how to be able to do these things. Is sleep a barrier for you? Why? How can we mitigate this barrier? Do you struggle to eat well? Do you feel like you just might die if you slow down?

Please reach out, my friends. Let’s talk about how I can help you recover from burnout. Take this journey with me.

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Still in the Old Testament, in certain sections of the Levitical laws, God talks about not fully harvesting crops or fields, giving to the poor, taking in the stranger, etc. He repeatedly tells them to remember that they were once foreigners in the land of Egypt. Their trauma was to be something that fueled them onward to giving, loving, compassion for slaves, foreigners, the poor living among them, and each other. 

God desires for us to have compassion for each other

We know God warns against holding onto a victim mentality, as we have discussed. But it is very obvious from the beginning that He desires for us to have compassion for each other. In a time of conquer and conquest, oppression of women, slavery being the norm, God commanded His people to do those things differently. God made laws that protected women, brought about justice, and dealt with crime.

I used to read these books and get angry with God for His rules and regulations. But now that I am older and have experienced deep and intense traumas at the hands of many different types of people, I see wisdom in these regulations. I see His protection. I see God as the first human rights awareness fighter. As Amy Mae and I move closer to our first big event, this really hits home. We are fighting right now for peace and unity, for people to become aware of the issues in our current society, and to spread the word about ways to make a difference.

It is wise to get to know yourself as God’s handiwork.

And from that place, we can adequately love others.

Let’s search deep within ourselves for the person that God knit together in our mothers’ wombs. I read from someone I know recently that it is wise to get to know yourself as God’s handiwork. This also brings us to a place of self-responsibility for our actions, our sins, our need for His continued work in our lives. True reflection on self in light of who God is and what His Word says, will not lead us into selfishness. It will lead us into love, compassion, grace, and truth. And from that place, we can adequately love others.

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Link to Supportive Self Care class: https://fb.me/e/3vz0hQuzL

Be well, beautiful friends!

-Kayleen soden, inhc, cbhc, wellness coach

Published by Kayleen Soden INHC, CBHC, Wellness Coach

Hello there. My name is Kayleen Soden. I am a Wellness Coach. I love all things nature! I also enjoy time with my animals, books, and family.

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