Authenticity: Continuing the Conversation

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Two weeks ago we talked about finding out the little things about yourself. This may seem slow or odd, but it is necessary when we have been taught to be authentic “replicas” of something else. Sometimes we have to start at the beginning. 

How did that go for you last week? 

This week, let’s talk about next steps in getting to know yourself. I know that there is so much involved in every step of this process. If you are feeling overwhelmed with moving on to a new step, please sign up for my coaching services. We can discover you together. 

We want to get to know what are the bigger things we value. What do I believe about humanity? Spirituality? Myself/my existence? Human rights? Animal rights? Do I have a burning desire to stand for something? What are those things?

Last week, I shared a recipe from my cookbook, this week I would like to share with you some testimonies from a few people that have purchased my cookbook:

I made your Southwest Skillet, Spicy Sausage Soup, and your Meatloaf last week. They were all so good, I am planning on making them again! You have such a talent for creating good tasting, simple, healthy recipes. I ate more vegetables last week than usual and I didn’t even “notice”. I am looking forward to cooking my way through your cookbook this winter! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with others 🙂 It’s been nice to have this opportunity to test your recipes that are not only healthy but enjoyable to eat. You are brilliant! I like how you manage to incorporate veggies in non-traditional ways! -Emily
I got this cookbook as an early Christmas present from my mom! I especially can’t wait to try out the unsweetened desserts! It’ll be great to have something to eat with my Bueno (coffee substitute) while everyone else is eating sweets at Christmas gatherings.  -Clover
I LOVE this cookbook!! I’ve tried several recipes and they are all delicious!! And I know they are completely healthy for me!!!! -Heidi
The combination of spices on the chicken really makes your chicken fajita salad! –Jean
 Your combination of flavors and textures are a nice surprise. Even my two and a half year old son enjoyed your pinto pecans recipe; and I struggle to get him to eat beans! –Megan

To purchase a PDF copy of my cookbook, click here.

This month I would like to highlight my new friend Blu/Sarah Beadell. She is an artist and helping out with the upcoming Art Gallery & Maker’s Market with Amy Mae’s True Passion as well as the Supportive Self Care with Art Integrations class.

Sarah makes hand crafted items and posts them to her Facebook page for sale. She will be at the Market as a vendor as well as a helper.

Here’s where to find her:

Blu’s Earthly Creations

Last week I talked about the Israelites in general and how they had a victim mindset. I would like to talk this week about Moses. He definitely did not have a victim mindset, but he definitely had his own cycle of dysfunction going on. I can see the cycle in him. We know he felt inadequate for the task God had placed on his life. In fact, when he was visited by God in the burning bush, Moses questioned God’s choice in him to the extent that God became angry with him. See Exodus chapter 3.

I believe that we see that humanity of Moses throughout his time with his fellow Israelites. He had a cycle of getting so frustrated with the people that he would complain to God about them. One time he was so beyond himself with their behavior that he asked God to kill him. And yet we see him standing in the gap for the people repeatedly when God Himself had enough with their victim mindset behaviors.

Ultimately, Moses gave in so deeply to his frustrations that he angrily hit a rock God had commanded him to speak to. For Moses, it was just another day in the wilderness, leading the people. But obviously his frustration had been building. The people had just cried out accusing God of bringing them to the promised land just to be smashed by giants. God basically said, “we are turning this car around!” and back to the wilderness they went. Imagine Moses’ situation here. Imagine the emotions he must’ve been feeling. Can you imagine it? I can.

So God says, speak to this rock. Moses reams out the Israelites and strikes the rock. God then tells Moses that since he directly disobeyed the Lord that he must not enter the promised land. My heart breaks for Moses. But also, my fear of the Lord increases.

I see myself in this scenario. I see the me that used to reach out to anyone and everyone to save them from their slavery. To pull them out of their victim mindset. To bring them along on this journey with me. And I have learned the hard way that some people just will not let that mindset go. The thing is, those people are not necessarily who we Christians tend to stereotype as such. Be very careful not to call something what it is not. I have begun to learn that I must sit with Holy Spirit and let Him lead and guide me regarding people. I cannot be the rescuer. It is also not my place to beg God to pull people out of the consequences He has designed for them (or myself for that matter). When I do this, I fall into the Moses trap of becoming so frustrated with the people that I’ve constantly stood in the gap for that I lose my cool with God.

Please know that there is a time and a place for lament and crying out to God in the deep honest anguish of our hearts. Please know that God is big enough for our anger toward Him. What I want to point out here is that when we have essentially done it to ourselves by choosing to yolk ourselves to people that refuse to learn, we will eventually break and strike the rock God has commanded us to speak to.

What can you learn from Moses’ situation? Please tell me in the comments below.

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Be Well, Beautiful Friends!

-Kayleen Soden, Life & Wellness Coach


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