Authenticity, how to BE: pt. 2

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Now it is your turn, I want to hear all about your checking in with your check-in partner. Let’s talk in the comments below.

Two weeks ago in the Christian Corner, I talked about being open and loving. Today I want to talk about this to everyone. This is an important part of being authentically you.

I think it’s important for us all to admit that we ALL have our own “gospel” we wish to “proselytize”. Why am I using those words? Because they are well known, stigmatized, and stereotyped. Let’s consider other words. We all, all humankind, have our own message that we wish to spread. An ideal wish for all to believe or agree with. It’s simply part of being human. 

Consider what it is for you that you would like for others to consider? What is the topic, creed, or political view? How do we help others to care about our message, or at least be willing to hear us?  

My friends, we all need to both open our ears/hearts and stop being forceful. We all need to create safe spaces for each other. We are all responsible for our own actions and the spreading of the information we care about. Let’s not marginalize each other. When we do both of those things, there will be room to share and room to disagree safely.

I would love to see a world where we can all agree to disagree and not spread dysfunction and/or hate. True hate is not in disagreement with each other. True hate comes from actual abusive behavior toward each other. When we try to manipulate or control each other, we are acting in a dysfunctional manner. None of us need to accept dysfunctional behavior from one another. At the same time, it is dysfunctional to not allow others to disagree with us. 

Let’s all learn to truly love in functional and self responsible ways. Next week we will pick back up where we left off with self discovery.

I love you, my friends. Let’s continue this conversation in the comments below. Tell me how you can be more functional in your communication and/or how others can be more functional with you. How can we safely agree to disagree about the important things that matter to us?

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I hope you enjoy this recipe from my cookbook, When You Feel Like There’s Nothing Left To Eat: Enjoying Great Tasting Foods While Avoiding Dairy, Gluten, MSG, Soy and Peanuts.

Have you ever felt like you are just powerless to eat the right things because your diet is so full of restriction, it feels like there is nothing left you can eat? You are not alone. My name is Kayleen Soden and I have struggled with health issues all my life. With much thanks to my nutritionist, Karen R. Hurd, I have been shown a nutritional path that is healing to my body.

When first told what my nutritional restrictions would be, I felt lost. Eating was so important to me! I almost felt as if I couldn’t live without my comfort foods of dairy, sugar, breads, etc. But once I learned to challenge myself to cook without all these things, it was exciting to learn how all of this would work! I saw that when I ate certain foods, I got sick, but when I avoided them, my whole physical and emotional self was affected for the better. What a relief this was for me! It was as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders!

I wanted to share this hope with others. This book is a compilation of some of my greatest recipes for those of us who have difficult dietary limitations against things like dairy, gluten, MSG, soy and peanuts. It is my prayer that those who use this cookbook will feel a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, knowing that they, or their loved ones, can enjoy great tasting meals with easy-to-find ingredients. There is hope and healing waiting for you. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I have been listening through the Bible this year. I had hoped to make it all the way through, but I may not. I stop often and talk to God about many things. Some things confuse me. Some anger me. Some make me sad. Some are very exciting! Some stimulate my special interests and I go off on tangents about some aspect of holistic health (which God has a lot to say about btw).

I have been pondering Moses & the Israelites. I am in Deuteronomy. Moses went through a lot in his lifetime. So did his fellow Israelites. The Israelites had a slavery and victim mindset. I do not say this as a judgment on them, just as a simple fact. I have gone through many years and still have intense moments where I succumb to the victim mindset. I cannot consider myself as above the Israelites for I battle the same things at times; wondering when God will ever give me the peace and joy I hope to see in life. 

This is what my coaching is all about. How we can work toward changing those mindsets and the unhealthy behavior/lifestyle patterns that keep us down. How we tackle those down moments. How to go through the elevated times without wearing ourselves out in self-reliance. How to truly lament before the Lord and lay it at His feet so that we can move on in faith.

We can learn a lot from these specific Israelites. They were never able to leave the mindset behind. They could not walk away from self worship into the confidence of knowing their value and their God. Because of this, they could not enter the promised land. Only the bondage breaker children entered the promised land. 

Let’s really think about this for a moment. The only ones who were able to enter into the promise were Caleb and Joshua, who obeyed the Lord when the rest of their generation did not, and the generation of those that were able to walk away from their worship of self, comfort, and familiarity. Even Moses was not allowed into the promised land because he sinned out of his frustration with the dysfunction of the people he was leading. (More about that next week) The ones who did not make it into the land all believed in the same God as those who did make it. 

Why didn’t they all make it on the merit of believing in God? I believe it had something to do with not being willing to believe the God that they believed in. This activates my fear of the Lord. What will I do in those moments when I struggle to believe the God in whom I believe? Will we walk in all the same things our ancestors did? Will we continue on with the same ole? What will it take for me/us to be the bondage breakers?

What will it take for you to live a life that not only believes IN God but BELIEVES God?

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