Authenticity, how to BE: pt. 1

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Last week was a bit heavy, as we discussed how important it is to keep a distance from unsafe relationships. We also mentioned that distancing from or leaving an abusive relationship must be done with the appropriate professional help that can be anything from psychotherapy to legal or police assistance.

This week, let’s bring it back down a notch and talk about what to talk about each week in a weekly check-in. Some ideas are:

  • What have you been up to this past week?
  • What things take up most of your time?
  • How can I better support you?
  • In what ways are you living in alignment with your authentic self?
  • How can I help with that?

Again, the idea is for this to be a two sided conversation, not a one way. It can be quick or long. You could choose to focus on one question every week. It could be the same each week or different. It is up to you and your check-in partner.

What question(s) do you think you will discuss with your partner?

Authenticity, how to BE: pt. 1

Wow, we have been on what might be a roller coaster ride together!

You might be wondering, “where do I go from here?”

Remember the advice I received? To start small? To basically find out what brings me joy?

You can start there too! What brings you joy? What brings you peace? What brings you calm?

This is a great way to start because it brings your focus to the positive before entering the more pressing and difficult realm of connecting with your physical sensations, called somatics.

Do you have a therapist? A life coach? Someone to walk alongside you in this endeavor? If you do not and are interested in coaching services, you can schedule a free consult with me. We can talk to determine if working with me is a good fit for you and if not, we can talk about options for you.

However you go about this, it is important not to do it alone. If you have no safe humans in your life, find an animal or part of nature to connect to. If you have been able to work with a weekly check-in partner, maybe you can ask them to come along for this ride with you.

For me, the connections to animals and plants has been a safe space where humans no longer were. My ducks, chickens, cats, and dog are safe space. The trees are a safe space. Sitting with plants, foraging, plant identification, are safe spaces for me.

What do you connect to? What brings you feelings of safety, peace, joy? Please tell me about it in the comments, dear one.

We are just so excited about the upcoming Art Gallery & Maker’s Market followed by the Supportive Self Care Class that Amy Mae of #amymaestruepassion and I are working on together!

Today I will share with you all the links for the event!

  • If you would like to be a vendor for the #artgalleryandmakersmarket :
  • To get your tickets for the drawing at the Market, make a donation to the charity of the day, and to help us know how many of you beautiful people plan to come out:
  • Last but not least, for the #supportiveselfcarewithartintegrations , #artexperience class:

These events have already been noticed by others on the internet and shared by various other companies. This is exciting for a first time event! I will continue to share more as we go.

Last week I talked about how sometimes our best intentions can end up being controlling and manipulative. We talked about how to be honest in our sharing of the good news and in our friendships with all types of peoples.

Today I want to touch on another super important part of all of this. That is repentance.

As a human race, we seem to have come to a place where we despise the ideas of sin and repentance. Part of this has been because of how we inappropriately label things as sin and try to shove others into a box of conformity. It has put a terrible distaste for these words and ideas into the mouths of all, including us. Also, the vast numbers of people growing up in abusive homes is dramatically increasing.

Why would I suggest we repent? Because repentance is powerful! If we have walked in controlling or manipulative tactics to spread our message, then we have sinned. If we have sinned, it behooves us to repent.

So what is repentance? Repentance is and involves:

  • Turning away from the sin we have committed.
  • Allowing ourselves to feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit and God’s righteous anger over our sin. This can be so difficult but is very important. If we do not allow ourselves the pain and discomfort of fully feeling convicted (not guilt, not shame, conviction), the chances of us truly repenting is lost.
  • Confessing our sins to ourselves, each other, and God. James 5:16 says, “Confess your sins one to another, and pray for each other that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”
  • Apoligizing to those we have hurt with our sinful actions.
  • Making the necessary changes. Repentance involves change, my friend. We must turn away and walk in something different. We cannot cast something out of our lives and replace it with nothing. This leads to a potentially worse state than the one before.

Along with personal repentance can come corporate repentance. Individually we can repent on behalf of ourselves and all of our fellow brothers and sisters. We can encourage our local body to repent along with us. It is promised to us that when we turn away from sin and to God in repentance, that He will bring healing.

What needs to be healed in this time? Relationships. We need drastic healing in the relationships we have with the world.

I leave you with a Psalm. Psalm 73:21-28

When my heart was embittered
And I was pierced within,

Then I was senseless and ignorant;
I was like a beast before You.

Nevertheless I am continually with You;
You have taken hold of my right hand.

With Your counsel You will guide me,
And afterward receive me to glory.

Whom have I in heaven but You?
And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

For, behold, those who are far from You will perish;
You have destroyed all those who are unfaithful to You.

But as for me, the nearness of God is my good;
I have made the Lord God my refuge,
That I may tell of all Your works.


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Be well, beautiful friends!

– Kayleen Soden, INHC, CBHC, Life Coach


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