Connecting Emotions to Wellness

Weekly Blog Post: Connecting Emotions to Wellness

Do you cover your pain with a busy lifestyle?

Our current society runs a fast, rat race pace. From convenience stores to fast food restaurants, from internet to race cars, we want all that we want and we want it fast.

But why? Why all the rush? Why all the push?

Could it be that we rush and push and seek to get all our wants met because we are pushing something else aside?

Could that something else be connection with our own emotions?

I look around me and see hurts and wounds that are covered up, like the snow is covering the dirt and the trees in the image above. We want everything pretty. We want it whitewashed. We cannot handle the ugly, dirty mess that comes with real life. So we ignore it. We wear our messy buns, sip our lattes, and put on makeup meant to look like we are wearing none. All a facade to look genuine. But what we don’t see are moms with spit up, real messy hair, faded to no makeup. We don’t allow the raw rought emotions of the real world.

When someone does experience something so heavy and raw that they cannot hide their pain, they are pushed out of social circles. Left alone and abandoned with their pain. And what is the message they received? “Your reality is not welcome in our world of make believe”.

Why do we do this to each other? We are not comfortable with our own emotions. We do not understand lament and pain.

How do we get to a place where we can not only be real with ourselves and real with others but also respond appropriately to someone exhibiting their reality?

We must start by slowing down.

I would love to hear from you, on social media or in post comments, have you ever thought about this?

Have you experienced a pain so shocking you could not put up the “together” facade?

Have you sat with your own brokenness or that of another?

Either way, what are your thoughts? How would you respond? How can you slow down and start to get a true sense of yourself and the world around you?

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Published by Kayleen Soden INHC, CBHC, Herbalist

Hello there. My name is Kayleen Soden. I am a Health Coach and Herbalist. I love all things nature! I also enjoy time with my animals, books, and family.

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